A surgical group led by Dr Sajan Hegde scoliosis surgeon, effectively performs the first non-fusion scoliosis surgical treatment by vertebral body tethering in India.

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According to Dr Sajan Hegde scoliosis surgeon, “This new minimally invasive surgical method is achieved using keyhole incisions within the chest wall and utilizes the remaining increase ability of the spine to progressively correct the patient’s spinal curvature. Its essential gain is in maintaining spinal mobility and avoids using an external brace or invasive fusion surgery. This new method will benefit children with scoliosis with faster recuperation rate, avoidance of huge surgical wounds, and keep spinal motion.”

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is a three-dimensional deformity of the spinal column, ensuing in a C- or S- formed spine. It impacts 3.5% of children in India between the age of 10 and 18, with a higher occurrence in girls and in the course of puberty. Untreated scoliosis effects in curve progression, lower back ache, reduced respiration function, poor balance, cosmetic issues and psychosocial consequences. Historically, severe scoliosis calls for treatment by surgical procedure with an extended open wound, dissection of lower back muscle groups, and surgical fusion with the implantation of rods and screws. At the same time as a success, conventional surgical operation renders the backbone stiff and restricts people from certain activities cab get in touch with physician at Dr Sajan Hegde contact number.

“This procedure involves making 5 keyhole incisions, and allows clean visualization of the backbone through thoracoscopy (a digital camera view into the chest cavity). After dissection of the backbone, beneath X-ray steerage, titanium screws are inserted at each stage at the side of the backbone (vertebral frame). The screws are then related via a non-inflexible band (tether) that restricts increase at the convex side while permitting growth at the concave side, thereby attaining gradual curve correction because the spine grows over the years” says Dr Sajan Hegde scoliosis surgeon.

This technique is indicated in developing children affected by scoliosis of a mild degree a (40 to 60 degree curvature), and has been performed via decided on surgeons over the past eight years with desirable consequences patients can get in touch at Dr Sajan Hegde contact number. This new surgical technique utilizes the patient’s personal own growth to allow slow scoliosis correction through the years. It does not require open surgical procedure, and avoids long fusion of the backbone, which might also result in stiffness and adjacent degree degeneration over time.

‟This new approach is the beginning of a brand new era within the surgical treatment of scoliosis. Children can look forward to normal sports without the psychological burden of bracing or outcomes of a protracted fusion surgical operation,” says Dr Sajan Hegde scoliosis surgeon.

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