Indian citizens will soon have access to the most precise and flexible device available on the market to treat brain tumors and many benign (non-cancerous) conditions of the head. Dr. Sandeep Vaishya Fortis Gurgaon is announcing today it will be the first in India to offer the new leksell gamma knife® icon™ stereotactic radiosurgery device. This non-invasive and progressive technology may be mounted this fall for the treatment of primary brain tumors, brain metastases, and other central nervous system conditions.

Previously, a similar treatment took a majority of the day to complete and protected the surgical attachment of an inflexible body to the patient’s brain to make ensure accuracy. With the gamma knife icon, in most cases, no frame is required due to the device’s onboard CT imaging system and pinpoint image fusion and movement monitoring technology. The treatment is noninvasive without an incision, pain, prolonged recuperation time, or hospital stay. It can sometimes serve as an effective opportunity for surgical operation, and for certain indications, may additionally replace traditional radiation therapy. Gamma knife icon radiosurgery typically requires only a one-time treatment but may be used more than once for patients with brain metastases.

“Gamma knife icon is the best choice for many patients; it gives them some other choice—one that could enhance their final results,” stated Dr. Sandeep Vaishya Fortis Gurgaon. It additionally offers more comfort for patients due to its frameless and swift treatment approach. Earlier, frames needed to be affixed to a patient’s head for treatment.  A frameless alternative makes for a more quality experience.”

Gamma knife radiosurgery is a treatment alternative for the subsequent conditions:

  • Metastatic brain tumors and lesions bobbing up from primary tumors of the breast, uterus, kidney, colon, skin (melanoma), or different organs
  • Brain tumors, malignant and benign
  • Acoustic neuroma, trigeminal neuralgia, and other neurological problems
  • Vascular malformations

Gamma knife icon technology will offer patients a level of care found by a few surgeons across the country. “Today, nearly 700,000 people in India alone are living with primary brain and central nervous system tumors,” stated Dr. Sandeep Vaishya Fortis Gurgaon. “Gamma knife icon correctly and succinctly offers a non-surgical technique for treating brain cancer and related disease; it’s is the optimum technology available on the market today. And when you group the best treatment equipment with the world-class understanding of the medical staff, it’s something so as to make a difference in lots of sufferers—and families—lives. ”

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