A liver transplant is a complex surgical treatment in which a diseased liver is eliminated by a medical professional and then replaced with a liver that is donated by a living or deceased donor. The technique is the most effective treatment for end-stage liver disease or liver failure, which may be deadly.

A liver transplant offers patients with end-stage liver disorder a second chance at life. Dr. Subhash Gupta liver transplant surgeon Max has made this chance feasible for almost 4,000 patients until now. In case you or someone in your family or friend’s circle are dealing with any health issues, please get in touch with Dr. Subhash Gupta liver transplant surgeon Max, he is there for you. He is skilled in diagnosing and treating all kinds of liver ailments, working hand-in-hand with his surgery team to manage your care via the whole transplantation procedure, diagnosing for his best outcomes, and supporting pioneer techniques to make transplantation safer and more successful. Dr. Subhash Gupta liver transplant surgeon Max performs transplants using both deceased and living donors and is able to carry out complicated transplants on patients with complicating conditions, such as portal vein thrombosis.  He is considered to be one of the best in the country with over 92% success rate. As the best liver transplant specialist at max hospital in Delhi, he trusts in yielding optimal results with the help of his committed team of liver doctors with considerable experience and knowledge.

India is a one-stop destination for foreign patients who're searching out top scientific facilities, skilled surgeons, and price-effective liver transplant surgical operations. Low cost liver transplant India is known to be less than half of what it costs in Western countries. A liver transplant is one of the most pricey medical procedures in western countries. The difference in the cost here is huge despite the fact that the quality of services with low cost liver transplant India is almost the same. Patients prefer low cost liver transplant India from western countries to take benefits of various low-cost procedures, which might be 40 to 80 percent lower, in contrast, to costs in their home countries.

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