Mumbai : Dr. Suresh Birajdar has entered into an agreement to expand care for kids across India. Top pediatric surgeon in Mumbai will give provides access to medical privileges to admit and treat patients, will also be able to take part in pediatric research studies and protocols through Nanavati Hospital Mumbai is pleased to announce the opening of a new specialty center presenting outpatient pediatric rehabilitation services, with plans to feature behavioral fitness services later this year. Dr. Suresh Birajdar is giving families a more accessible and convenient option for pediatric specialty care.

“We are humbled and honored by this reputation of the depth and breadth of services we offer to this network and its children and families,” says top pediatric surgeon in Mumbai. “There’s a very uncertainty in the world right now with covid-19, however family may be confident that we're right here to attend to their children as we had been for since to decades. Our mission has usually been to offer excellence in pediatric care and this agreement broadens our reach to help patients in more ways than before,” stated top pediatric surgeon in Mumbai. “Location should never be a barrier to locate the best care for your children, and this services only allows to expand care for young patients throughout the west coast in India, however additionally builds upon the pediatric research underway to find treatment options for pediatric diseases.”

Dr. Suresh Birajdar is one of the country’s leading pediatric surgeons in Mumbai. For almost 20 years he served at Nanavati Hospital Mumbai Since then, he has served as chief of pediatric surgery at the hospital. Over the course of his careers, Dr. Suresh Birajdar has continually set the bar for delivering exceptional care to patients, for decades, he has clinical and research expertise have resulted in life-saving outcomes for thousands of patients. He has both exceptional physician leaders, and he is very pleased to welcome them at Nanavati Hospital Mumbai.

Dr. Suresh Birajdar top pediatric surgeon in Mumbai is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader and an academic in the subject of pediatric surgical operation. After training in pediatrics care he guides the rebuilding of the children’s programs in India. The new practice will provide comprehensive medical care of infants, kids, adolescents and young adults for recurring check-ups, immunizations, diagnostic screening and age-suitable counseling. Dr. Suresh Birajdar is commitment to provide superior-quality patient care and upholds its vision of growth and continued progress in India.

“Over the last year, my team and I conducted a thorough and comprehensive clinical review at Nanavati Hospital Mumbai, Following this review; I can unequivocally say that this is a program well worth investing in to make sure that it can serve the children and families of Indian and abroad with the highest quality pediatric cardiac care. I look forward to working in India as we move forward with implementing the recommendations of our team.”

The sphere of pediatric surgery covers the age from newborns to 18 yrs of age according with the tips of the American academy of pediatrics. Dr. Suresh Birajdar operates on all structures in the toddler besides for the heart and bones which are looked after by way of the respective professionals. Top pediatric surgeon in Mumbai offers the complete range of pediatric surgery is available for children who require these procedures. Dr. Suresh Birajdar offers the best pediatric laparoscopy procedures at very low price compared to the cost of the same in the US and the UK.  India laparoscopy surgery service has instrumental in providing various surgery and treatments to many international patients and the patients are very happy with the result. India laparoscopy surgery service is a recognized medical provider working in India providing various treatment and surgery under nationally recognized physicians and hospitals that uses latest technology and are clinically advanced in providing health care treatment in the country.

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