Dr. Trehan heart specialist Delhi has successfully executed India’s first-ever endoscopic “triple valve” surgery at Medanta Gurgaon Delhi

In a single incision more or less one-inch lengthy, the team finished an endoscopic cardiac surgical procedure to replace the aortic and mitral valve and repair the tricuspid value – called “triple valve” surgery. The endoscopic method is the least invasive surgical procedure viable, and does not use damage to the bones; it had previously been used to restore single and double heart valves that had been either received disease through the years or have been a part of a complicated congenital heart illness.

With the world-famed expertise of Medanta, Dr. Trehan heart specialist Delhi can now function up to three heart valves via one very small skin incision, as compared to a conventional open-coronary heart surgical technique - consisting of sufferers who have already had a preceding cardiac surgical procedure.

After making an appointment at Dr. Naresh Trehan's contact number, you can get treated by physicians who are world-renowned for performing a complicated endoscopic heart valve surgical treatment, which leads to faster restoration and decreases surgical time by 50%. The surgical group also covered health anesthesiologists.

The patient was Aradhya Singh, a 63 years old grandmother and special education instructor. Singh started experiencing heart problems approximately five years ago, and in April turned into recognized with heart failure.

Singh was treated in the cardiac intensive care unit at Medanta, throughout which her valve disorder was identified and surgery planned. Due to her risk elements, Dr. Trehan's heart specialist Delhi and his expert team opted to avoid cutting bone, which might result in an extended healing time. Alternatively, they selected an endoscopic method with a smaller incision, fewer side outcomes, and a shorter healing time. On Nov 12, Singh became the first endoscopic triple valve surgery patient in India.

“Because of the sternal sparing and the miniaturized incision site, the patient experience less pain, has a shorter hospital stay, and usually a quicker restoration and back to normal life,” stated Dr. Trehan heart specialist Delhi. A totally endoscopic surgical method may be carried out even as the heart is beating, reducing the chance for the patient – as opposed to needing to arrest the heart under a conventional method for selected sufferers.

Dr. Trehan heart specialist Delhi with today's 3-D map of the patient’s coronary heart and valves, allowed him to navigate his surgical technique earlier so that it will target the location of the incision and limit the effect to Ms. Singh.  “I am so appreciative to get Dr. Naresh Trehan's contact number and get treated with the aid of him,” stated Singh. “I am so thankful.”

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