Best neurologist Paras hospital Gurgaon wants his patients to known they do not need to travel far and wide to find super neurosurgical care. There are main advances in both cranial and spinal neurosurgery in recent years and that they can be found by getting treated under supervision of Dr. V. S. Mehta India.

Dr. V. S. Mehta Neurologist

Dr. V. S. Mehta Neurologist Paras Hospital Gurugram performs all standard neurosurgical operations and covers latest neurosurgery and trauma. His non-obligatory practice is essentially targeted on spinal surgical procedure, covering the whole thing from minimally invasive processes to complex, open operations. These operations consist of a number of the most modern technology. In relation to brain surgical operation, for example, Dr. V. S. Mehta India says, “We now use image guidance for almost all brain tumor operations, which acts as an intra-operative GPS device for the brain. Depending on the location of brain tumors, we are increasingly performing more elimination of the tumor with the patient wide awake during the surgical procedure, which has been a chief development and improvement in our potential to keep function, in particular language function.”

Best neurologist Paras hospital Gurgaon says with regard to spinal surgery, neurosurgeons use image steering and intra-operative CT scans to ensure all hardware that can need to be located into the spine is placed with the most accuracy and precision. “More lately, we have been performing spinal fusion surgical operation with the resource of a surgical robotic device, which helps minimally invasive strategies to previously big, painful, open surgical procedures. Similarly, we have executed more non-fusion options to neck operations that previously required fusion of the neck bones. These strategies, together with artificial disc replacement and minimally invasive decompression, are demonstrating very promising outcomes.”

Patient seeking a neurosurgeon typically revel in symptoms which can be intense or continuous. Dr. V. S. Mehta India says signs that must prompt urgent evaluation include arm or leg weakness, bowel or bladder disorder or excessive neck or back ache with a fever. Degenerative conditions that cause long-standing limb pain and/or neck and returned pain can commonly be evaluated non-urgently inside the hospital. However those symptoms do not constantly result in surgical operation.

Most spinal surgeries are non-obligatory, according to Dr. V. S. Mehta Neurologist Paras Hospital Gurugram. “The impetus to carry out surgical procedure is when a patient has unmanageable signs that aren’t responsive to non-surgical treatments, and when the symptoms correlate to MRI findings. Most of the signs and symptoms that emerge as needing surgical procedure are primarily arm or leg pain or weakness. If a patient normally has neck pain or lower back pain, we attempt to manage the signs and symptoms without surgical treatment.”

Most patients first get evaluated through their primary care medical doctor, who might also order primary imaging studies and begin a direction of physical therapy and medicine trials. If those are ineffective, Dr. V. S. Mehta India says, the subsequent step is generally treatment by using an pain management medical doctor and advanced spinal imaging including an MRI. If there are regarding findings at the imaging or if the patient continues to have intractable signs, they're subsequently mentioned a neurosurgeon for assessment of possible surgical treatments. This conservative approach works best for the majority of patients, according to Best neurologist Paras hospital Gurgaon.

If surgical treatment is required, Dr. V. S. Mehta India says, “Patients ought to do their studies prior to selecting a general practitioner, and unless a problem requires emergency surgical procedure, they should to take their time to recognize the available alternatives before embarking on major surgical operation.”

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