Dr Vijay Bose hip resurfacing are treating patients with a brand new form of hip implant that might cause better outcomes for younger, more active people requiring surgical treatment.

Fifteen patients have thus far been treated with a singular ceramic hip resurfacing implant in a brand new trial through Dr Vijay Bose Chennai. Early results suggest patients can go back to physical activities like swimming and biking inside six weeks of their operation.

Dr Vijay Bose hip resurfacing

The designed to reveal that the ceramic implant is appropriate for both women and men, as conventional hip resurfacing techniques are currently wrong for women sufferers, Dr Vijay Bose hip resurfacing hopes that the consequences of the research will result in more remedy options for patients who require surgical replacement of a hip, and allow them to lead fuller, more active lives. They recommend that the new device, known as ‘H1’, could also reduce the dangers of hip surgical operation, as well as save lot year. The method can also provide patients a better quality of life.

Every year around a 100,000 people go through primary hip replacements in India. Most patients have a total hip replacement (thr) where a damaged hip joint is completely changed with an artificial one. This is normally carried out on people between the age of 60 and 80. However, this technique has been suggested to fail in more youthful sufferers with more active lifestyles –the stiff steel stem within the thigh bone can cause hassle.

According to Dr Vijay Bose hip resurfacing, “More of the bone is left within the hip joint, so the patient feels more regular, and can be more active. For young active sufferers, metal hip resurfacing already lasts longer than total hip replacement. But, in a few sufferers, metal particles are launched by the implant, inflicting tissue reactions around this which includes swelling and soreness. This could lead to resurfacing implants failing and sufferers requiring further surgical operation. Furthermore, women are unable to have hip resurfacing surgery, as the steel implant doesn’t fit their hips bones well leading to higher failure rates. As a result, women can’t have this surgical procedure and their only option is a total hip replacement, irrespective of their age.”

Dr Vijay Bose Chennai stated: “In this safety observe, we are ensuring that the H1 hip resurfacing implant can be used appropriately on patients desiring hip replacement surgical procedure. Hip resurfacing is an alternative, more conservative sort of surgery that permits a better degree of physical activity than total hip replacement. The metal hip resurfacing implants developed 20 years ago were exceptionally successful, but some patients have had troubles with tissue reactions across the hip because of the release of metal ions.”

Dr Vijay Bose hip resurfacing introduced: “The H1 hip resurfacing implant is crafted from ceramic and designed to healthy the contours of both male and female hips, so can also avoid the troubles visible with steel hip resurfacing. The ceramic used in the H1 is the identical material used for the ball head in most hip replacements in the world nowadays. The early consequences are promising. We hope to move from the safety study into a full scale efficacy study in the spring, regarding more patients in facilities around India. The trial is designed to illustrate that total hip replacement may be postponed or prevented for younger and greater active sufferers, enabling them to lead fuller more lively lives.”

Dr Vijay Bose Chennai has found that sufferers were able to go back to physical activities such as swimming, cycling and strolling within six weeks in their operation. By 3 months, patients have been able to return to those activity they couldn’t do before, which includes dancing, yoga and gym work, like total hip patients, however a little faster. Full recovery will take longer.

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