Cancer isn't just one ailment. Its big group of diseases that can starts in almost any organ or tissues of the body while unhealthy cells grow uncontrollably beyond their normal obstacles to invade adjacent additives.  Cells start to grow uncontrollably. Those cells may also form a mass known as a tumor. A few kinds of cancer don't form a tumor. This includes leukemia’s, most sorts of lymphoma, and myeloma

Whilst going through cancer, one of the most critical decisions you may make is wherein to go for treatment. When you get in Dr. Vinod Raina contact details, he makes your treatment easy, stress-free and affordable as possible. With a rich specialist experience of over 35 years, he is a renowned medical oncologist. He has been associated with many prestigious organizations like Royal Infirmary, Glasgow and University of Oxford. He turned into a faculty member at all India Institute of medical sciences, New Delhi for over 23 years and headed the Department of medical oncology for over 6 years. He has special interest in breast cancer, lymphomas, lung cancer and transplants. in the course of his tenure at AIIMS, after get in Dr. Vinod Raina contact details has individually carried out  200 Autologous and Allotransplant. Throughout his tenure as head of the department of oncology at AIIMS, about 500 transplant were performed, the largest by way of any hospital in India. After get in Dr. Vinod Raina contact details have more than two hundred research courses to his name in national and global journals.

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