Dr. Vipul Gupta Artemis specializes in advanced imaging and image-guiding strategies to diagnose and deal with neurovascular situations of the brain and spine using minimally invasive procedures.

“A few of the situations we normally deal with, which include cerebral aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, dural arteriovenous fistulas, and stroke or vessel blockage, can be effectively diagnosed with angiograms and managed with endovascular strategies or micro neurosurgery, without the need for open surgical treatment,” said Dr. Vipul Gupta Artemis.

As a world over acclaimed medical professional, Dr. Vipul Gupta reviews proudly contribute to advancements to the field of interventional neuroradiology underneath his management. Beyond improvements include the neuroform® micro delivery stent and the pipeline embolization device, traits that revolutionized the treatment of cerebral aneurysms.

Dr. Vipul Gupta Artemis said, “Our researchers take part in tasks that discover a couple of factors of interventional neuroradiology, with selected attention at the layout of intracranial stents. We were involved in among the groundbreaking medical trials associated with the treatment of cerebral aneurysms with glide diversion devices, and persevering with today with ongoing research to evaluate the modern-day generation of devices for the treatment of an endovascular aneurysm. We are also concerned in numerous stroke trials to evaluate the use of recent thrombectomy devices and are participating with researchers in an imaging trial to examine the use of advanced single-quantum and triple-quantum sodium MRI to evaluate ischemic brain harm. Different subjects of medical studies encompass dural arteriovenous fistulas and brain arteriovenous malformations.”

As per Dr. Vipul Gupta's reviews, he specializes in minimally invasive superior imaging and image-guiding strategies, such as angiogram; endovascular techniques which include balloon remodeling, intracranial stents, and drift diverters; direct micro neurosurgery; and intracranial bypass. For patients who aren’t eligible for micro neurosurgery, he offers referrals for gamma knife® radiosurgery.  He has extensive and precise experience in the diagnosis and remedy of uncommon situations that require subspecialized neuro-interventional and neurosurgical understanding. These situations encompass vascular tissues of the spinal cord, which include spinal dural fistula, spinal pial fistula, and others. The common spinal procedure he performs encompasses kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty, scrotoplasty, radiofrequency ablation, and spinal biopsy.

According to Dr. Vipul Gupta Artemis, “Interventional radiology is a quick developing subspecialty of radiology in which minimally invasive image-guided vascular processes are done in each and every organ system of the body from head to toe. Those procedures are accomplished with the aid of an interventional radiologist in Cathlab thru a pinhole in the groin the usage of small puncture needles, wires, and catheters underneath C-arm steerage. All the vascular emergencies can be dealt with by means of interventional radiologist and also it is playing a vital helping role to other specialties.”

Dr. Vipul Gupta
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