The liver is the body's largest inner organ about 3 kilos in adults. It’s a way placed beneath the diaphragm at the right side of the stomach. Liver sickness intense enough to require a liver transplant can come from many reasons. A liver transplant is commonly reserved as a treatment preference for people who have hassle due to end-stage liver sicknesses. In rare cases, sudden failure of a previously regular liver can also additionally rise up.

It is important for end-stage liver disease patients to seek and undergo treatment under the guidance of a highly experienced surgeon. Dr Vivek Vij top liver transplant surgeon in India with 20 years of vast experience, he is currently associated with Fortis Hospital Noida and is been contributing to the field of liver transplants for years. Dr Vivek Vij top liver transplant surgeon in India is a globally renowned liver transplant surgeon as the most experienced and skilled surgeon in the world who is qualified in the best medical institutions in the world. Liver transplant cost with him is estimated to be less than half of what it costs in western countries. Within the western world, a liver transplant is one of the most expensive medical procedures. This is the reason why many patients from abroad prefer to travel to India to undergo this procedure with Dr Vivek Vij top liver transplant surgeon in India. The difference in the cost is huge regardless of the quality of services offered at both the location is almost the same

Liver transplantation is a complex method and is achieved by top liver transplant doctors in India. India’s best liver transplant surgeons are certified and trained by the top establishments around the sector. The big experience in performing all kinds of liver transplant techniques, India’s best liver transplant surgeons are professionals in new-age surgical strategies. The best liver transplant centers in India house some of the most experienced and professional surgeons in the world. It’s essential for end-level liver disease patients to search for and goes through treatment under the guidance of a highly skilled surgeon. Locating India’s best liver transplant surgeons here is not that difficult because the best liver transplant centers In India pay special attention to recruiting surgeons who are qualified from a number of the best medical establishments in the world.

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