Hong Kong – There are various online stores and sellers providing Swarovski Crystallized Products or customization services at different price level. You may find more or less the same product for example a Swarovski Crystallized iPhone Case, the price from different sellers may vary from at most 50%. If you want to customize your piece, this price differences can reach even 100%. Now let me tell you some tips before you made a purchase.

Choose Sellers with Crystallized ID from Swarovski
Everyone says their product are made by genuine Swarovski crystals but how you know? The best to tell whether the crystals are genuine except Swarovski themselves. The Crystallized ID is provided by Swarovski officially. This ID guarantee customers that the Swarovski Crystals on their products are genuine. So when you make your purchase, look for their Crystallized ID and also their reputation.

Look for Product Certificate
Many sellers charge you base on the number of crystals used. They usually only have the most dull and boring patterns in the market, but surprisingly charging you a lot by telling you that your product has used more than a few thousand crystals. But how many exactly used and what colour of crystals you used? I am afraid these sellers will once again fail your expectations. You should sellers with certificate and find all detail information regarding your purchased or customized product including the following:

* Swarovski Crystallized ID
* Size of crystals used (in Swarovski, this is indicated by SS, from SS3 to SS48)
* Number of crystals used for each size
* Colour of crystals used
* Crystals’ effect
* Production Date

It was the customer’s right to know what they are paying for and what they are getting back. In DSstyles, we put customers benefit in our first priority, we believe these “New Buying Tips” for Swarovski Crystallized Products will act as a buying guide for customers choosing a place to buy or to customize. Doing more search and contact the seller before your final decision.
DS. Crystallized Swarovski iPhone Case
DS. Crystallized ID – Swarovski Crystal

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