Over accumulation has become a constant cause for concern in the homes of American citizens. Every year, the quantity of accumulated stuff increases by leaps and bounds. The increasing number of advertisements by companies in a bid to sell their products has added to this consumerist woes.

A survey conducted by the Overland Park dumpster rental has shown that more than 50 per cent of what American citizens buy is wants. The survey further reveals that had most American homes bought only what they needed than they would be able to save enough to provide themselves a financially stable life. Today, most American citizens land up broke or homeless not even a week after they are fired from their job. The survey revealed that, had they spent less on things they do not even use or need and saved the excess money, they could have enough to last them until they find themselves another job.

Indians are known for their pinged living. They are mostly the middle class Indians. On an average, they buy only the things they need and eat only enough to last them till the next meal. This way of life mostly emerges from the belief of the “atma”, or being born again. The belief goes that if a person does not live right in the present world, he/she would be born again as a beggar or an animal in the next life. saving to the is not just for the future but for the next life where they hope that the amassed wealth in the present world would make them be reborn as royalty. The bottom line is, Indians are not threatened by unnecessary accumulation of garbage due to uncheck consumerism on the part of the public.

The world is running out of space to accumulate human beings let alone the garbage. Where would all the junk go if this pace of unnecessary accumulation continues. The Overland Park dumpster rental is known for its eco friendly conduct in garbage disposal. To get further details on Overland Park dumpster rental please visit http://www.dumpsterdeliveries.com/kansas/dumpster-rental-in-overland-park-ks/

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