27, December 2014: Dust mite allergy sprays are priced to sell during The Ecology Works New Years sale. This is just in time for people who want to get their home dust mite free for the New Year. This limited time promotion entitles customers to free shipping on their order of dust mite allergy products of $100 or more. This discount is for new customers only and ends January 8, 2015. Customers who want to take advantage of this offer can visit http://www.dustmitex.com/dustmitex to place thier order. While there, they can find other products to help alleviate their dust mite allergy symptoms. 

James Burnett is the proud of The Ecology Works and provides the safest and most natural line of anti-allergan products for the home and office. Here is what he had to say about this new promotion for the new year: 

“Festivities abound as people around the world celebrate a fresh new year. Many people will be busy getting their homes ready for parties and special dinners. Some of those people are allergy sufferers and they often need special products to rid their homes of allergens. That’s why I’m offering this promotion just in time for the holidays. Our natural products are easy to use and very effective. The fact is that some people need to do more than vacuuming to have an allergen free home, especially if they suffer from dust mite allergies. When they order their dust mite sprays, they’ll get free shipping on any order of $100 or more. This is really the perfect opportunity to stock up and have a dust mite free year. After all, who wants to start the new year sneezing and coughing? Our customers feel great when they use our products and so can other allergy sufferers.” 

A full line of natural and safe anti allergen products are available from The Ecology Works. They have been in business since 1995 and ship their products across the nations to very happy customers. Their main location is in West Palm Beach and they’re always happy to answer questions offer the phone and internet. Their products line is vast and has an anti allergen solution for every room in the home. They do specialise in dust mite elimination products and even have a new laundry soap for that exact purpose. Their clients appreciate the superior customer service they receive and the fact their products are safe for homes with small children and pets. All of their products are priced fairly. Dust mite flea control products can be found here: http://www.dustmitex.com/dust-mite-flea-control 

The new holiday promotion is for new customers only and ends January 8th 2015. This promotion provides free shipping on orders of $100 or more. This deal cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount, or coupon offered by The Ecology Works. A full line of dust mite sprays and products are available on their website. 

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