18 international and national designers get together for the opening of exhibition OVERLAP, on Friday April 8th in Copenhagen (Denmark). Their work is regarded as trendsetting and inspiring.

Characteristic for this new style is that it brings art and functional design together. Consequently, it blurs the boundary between two distinct areas and evades the question: is this art or design?

That Dutch design is still hot, is shown by the list of participants that contains the names of three Dutch designers. Not only recognized designers Jurgen Bey and Maarten Baas present their work, but also upcoming talent Niek van der Heijden takes his share in it with his Living Forum a graduation project for the Design Academy in 2009.
Living Forum is a circular meeting place made up from different types of chairs. Its shape induces social interaction. Hence, the object fits the context of a museum but it also stood at Spazio Rossana Orlandi's where he received international ´fame'.

This year, Niek presents his latest work at ´unfurniture design' during Salone del Mobile in Milan from 12 to 18 April. The address is: Spazio dalla Corte, via Candiani 127, 20158 Milan. The exhibition in Copenhagen takes place in Den Frie Centre of Contemporary art en closes its doors on 15 May 2011.

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Niek van der Heijden
Prins Karelstraat 98A 6
5701VM Helmond, The Netherlands
Website: www.niekvanderheijden.nl
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Website: http://www.niekvanderheijden.nl

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