Eaton is hiring for over 700 positions at the Get My Vet a Job Virtual Career Fair

June 2015 — — How an international conglomerate is partnering with the most powerful brand in Veteran, Military, and Diversity hiring today: Get My Vet a JobTM.

June 5th, 2015 companies will gather in-person and online for one mission: 3000 Hired!  Get My Vet a JobTM is honored to be in the company of some of the largest and most progressive companies and brands today.  However, it is Eaton that may stand alone.

Since 1911 Eaton has been a visionary in its industry.  Working through the American Dream, building a 2 man company into a company that employees well over 100,000.  With a message of diversity in hiring in the forefront of all it does.

Eaton, a conglomerate, is known in the arenas of manufacturing, electrical, aerospace, and industrial.  Its slogan; “Powering Businesses Worldwide” it does so through the power of its people.  “Eaton boosts a Veterans Initiative that should be a model across the country” states Michele Unangst CEO of Get My Vet a JobTM.  “In working direct with their Military Liaison George Bernloehr, it was a natural partnership where veterans are assured to win” continues Michele Unangst.

Careers and jobs.  Not those that are “Veteran Jobs” such a term and initiative often does more harm than good.  The 800+ positions at Eaton will be actively recruited for and hired on June 5th, 2015 will go to the applicant that is qualified.  Participating in Eaton will be featuring these career opportunities:

-    OVER 300 Engineering Positions Available!
-    Manufacturing Engineer
-    Sales Support Engineer
-    Facilities Coordinator
-    Project Operations
-    Customer Support Engineer

PLUS:  Sales, Support, Administrative, Legal, Financial, Operations, Logistics, Information Technology, and Supply Chain.

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Get My Vet a JobTM is renowned for world-class events, featuring those companies that want and need Veterans.  Companies that seek out all talent and backgrounds.  Companies that are 100% committed to diversity, training, career, and growth.

Media Contact:
Michele Unangst
Gilbert AZ