Shenzhen, China; 07, February 2017: Starting from the humble paper clip to the safety pin to complex components like an airplane’s fuselage or an automobile’s engine, it is dies, casts, and molds that help give shape to these things. A die, very much like a mold, can be customized to create a specific part or component. Eco die casting Co.,Ltd is an established manufacturer that has carved a niche for itself in the die casting industry by specializing in the production of aluminum and zinc die casting parts. The manufacturer has also amassed extensive experience in producing precision molds for die casting that find widespread applications in agricultural, automotive, medical devices, lighting, home appliance, and consumer electronics industries.

The China die casting manufacturer has been engaged in fabricating die casts and molds for over two decades. The conglomerate established in 1996, presently has three distinct manufacturing units in Fujian, Zhejiang, and Guangdong where 120 employees comprising skilled project managers, engineers, and operators are engaged in fabricating die casting components and mold parts. The Chinese company owns 4 units of wire-cutting machines, 8 units of EDM machines, 12 CNC machine sets, 25 units of aluminum die-casting machines, and 12 zinc die casting machines that are pressed into service every day in an area covering 5,000 sq meters. The manufacturing firm mainly processes and supplies orders of overseas clients based in Europe, Russia, Australia, Canada, and USA.

As far as providing aluminum die casting services are concerned, Eco Die Casting fabricates parts in the weight range of 5g to 30 kg. These die cast parts are supplied to automotive, consumer electronics, home appliances, lighting, and other relevant industries. Since the production units have been awarded with ISO 9001-2008 TS16940 quality certifications, customers have the guarantee of receiving products or parts that are of superlative quality and conform to international standardizations. At the same time, the firm is able to keep the prices or costing of such products that are at least at par with similar parts made by its competitors. These die casted components of aluminum offer numerous benefits that are taken advantage of when the same are put to use.

For instance, the parts retain their original structure under high temperatures, are fully biodegradable, have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and extremely resistant to corrosion. The enterprise has also been involved in zinc die casting for over 15 years and takes pride in having created almost innumerable die casting components from zinc alloy. State-of-the-art CNC, wire —cutting, and die casting machines are at work in the factories of the company for chiseling out customized and standardized dies or casts.

About Eco die casting Co., Ltd:

Eco die casting Co., Ltd is a reputed fabricator of aluminum/zinc die-casts and molds that it ships to different countries in Europe, America, Australia, and Russia.

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