China; 27, March 2015: The plastic made products are very much in demand in the market. It includes a wide range of products such as phone cases, lens, door holder, spoon, bottle carrier and many more. Eco Molding Co. Ltd is a China based company providing high quality plastic injection molding services. It is spread over 2000 sq metres and surrounded by convenient transportation. The injection molding supplier aims to be trustworthy, creative and professional toolmaker with modernized management system.

Plastic injection molding is a procedure used for the production of many items. It includes bottle caps, wire spools, automotive parts, package and bowle, musical instruments, toys, storage containers, tables and many more. High volume of such products is manufactured through the common and modern manufacturing method. A ram or screw type plunger is used through injection molding to force the molten plastic material into a mold cavity. Eco Molding Co. Ltd is among the oldest in China in plastic injection mould. There are 20 sets of high precision injection molding machines ranging from 50 to 650 ton.

Since 2004, the China based firm is experienced with different plastic products across sectors like agriculture, sports equipment, lighting, medication, automotive, etc. It is also credited with an ISO9001-2008 certificate with five IPQC personnel monitoring production and quality. The company has managed to build a rapport in the market with its stable quality and reasonable pricing. It maintains a very good relationship from customers hailing from USA and Europe. Injection shop of the company runs 24 hours a day throughout the seven days.

Mold shop of the company is well equipped with advance machinery. It includes high speed CNC machines; slow wire cut machines and mirror EDM machines. All of the sophisticated machines are imported from Japan, Switzerland and Taiwan. Ecomolding plastic products feature handle, tracker, pegs, consoles, battery housing, gps covers, arc holders, lamp cover, remote controller, iPhone case and many more. There are 30 skilled tool makers with most of them having a decade of experience in mold making.

Eco Molding Co. Ltd has more than 100 employees and capital assets which values 8 million RMB. The production capacity is up to 40-50 mould each month with different measurements. It provides a one stop high quality service for global small and medium sized companies. It strives to progress through innovation and zero default management system. The technicians of the company have ten years of experience in optical surface polish and optical accessories production.

About Eco Molding Co. Ltd:

Eco Molding Co. Ltd has over 15 years of experience in mold making, and building different plastic injection moulds as per measurements suggested by customers. It has an injection shop which has 20 advanced injection machines ranging from 50 to 650 ton. Visit the website for more information on products and services offered.

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