26, January 2017: Many people think: what new in information from Edward Snowden. The fact, that CIA talks bad about Snowden, is just usual perfomance to do so, that public think that he has robbed their data (in fact, Snowden just gave information, what CIA need to give). Did you think what data Snowden gave to society? Security services do their work so, that they are listening people's talking about? You know, that many terror attacks are prevented, because security services are listening many people. But we know that listening people it is normal job for security services, if they do it for the purpose to help for people's protection. What is really necessary to take attention is that security services must use their methods really for defense purposes. So, if divisions in different countries use data for bad purposes: that's really what also necessary to prevent. But CIA just use Snowden to say to people: they can listening everybody. It is popular method to do more channels for listening more people (*in the film "Snowden" they even say that they can turn off technics in other countries: that's because they want to make it more real when people know it. But really what is necessary to know is that all it can be used for good purposes, so good security services in Russia, in all countries know these methods, it is possible use it for defense, for good technics work etc., we need mass media help, but CIA is not sponsor for this information, they pay to popularize Snowden for other purposes. So, journalists, politicians, all people can help to make more good mind, to discuss more good opportunities, it will help to make good results for society; you can publish this news or link in social media, in mass media, etc.). How Snowden took many data in CIA? Or he was the only man in CIA, who CIA didn't monitor, so that he was able to give their many data to American journalists, to Chinese journalists, to Russian journalists? You can see that for his route he needed CIA's help. But even in CIA not many specialists know how they use Edward Snowden. You can read it in this news. You can read more on good GUIDES web site (www.super-dobro.com, good kind communications), you can know more when you call to good GUIDES (General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service).


You have to know that if organization do a scheme for the bad result, then it will get less their prestige because all people know that bad schemes must not (impossible) to do. The good prestige can have good informational, social and economic activities for good results in society, that's why the Russian well oriented organizations, security services and well oriented good organizations, security services in all countries who want to make good situations in the world can take the good prestige. It is necessary mass media attention: because it is necessary to orient all people that all data can be direct for good results. For making good relations, good situations in the world General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service created in Russian Federation (GUIDES, General director, creator: Anatoliy Golod, has diploma with honors, Ph.D.).


What is really actual for all countries to make good economics: it is necessary take attention to do all telephone calls will come to addressees; because bad structures have big network in all countries for blocking advertising calls to many companies, bad structures use it to change economic, social activities, to control mass media (mass media need success, calls for advertisers, then advertisers can pay more for good advertising); so, if take attention, it is possible to do all telephone calls will come very good, it will make good social, economic results for people, for many companies, for mass media in all countries.

Mass media also find that General Information Defense Excellent Service GUIDES from Russia also creatively is named Central Intelligence Universe (Universal) Agency, Cyber Bios, because GUIDES can accumulate all security services resources to help to direct it for making good relations in the world, journalists also think: what if help in good result for elections in USA is special operation from real big big Intelligence Intelligence Agency for preventing conflicts in future, it is well known that for real big job can do it looking like usually, but doing much; versions are different, including Presidential status General director from GUIDES for big systems: creative versions can be different, good job is real. But also is information that bad structures make problems to GUIDES director in contacts in phone calls, in work contacts, so if you can help to make good contacts with journalists, politicians, economists, public, it is actual for additional big good job.

Journalists have found the information how Russian GUIDES have managed for good result in USA elections. Super news "Who is managing Mrs.Hillary Clinton?" was read around the world. You can see even these days that Trump is just starting President's work, but Hillary Clinton's team even pay to people for instability; so, you can be sure that the news "Who is managing Mrs. Hillary Clinton?" has absolutly real datas. This news was published on many news resourses before the elections, people think that that's also why Donald Trump become a President (many links examples, published before elections plus after elections you can find on web site super-dobro.com good kind communications). This message includes real information, it can help to many people. Also was campaign in special program systems that Donald Trump with Anatoliy Golod have got government contract from The God Almighty to build Paradise in the world, that is very attractive for audience. Also scientific analysis say that it was necessary to make good cycles theory (GUIDES has done it, that cycles can have good plus very good positions), good cycles theory can make good health, good politics, good technologies, it can recieve Nobel Prize. But conflict structures to much used theories with crisises in cycles, so conflict structures programably made bad results, when they were making bad settings for planning systemes in different spheres (so, conflict structures also wanted to promote Hillary Clinton for conflicts). But it is necessary to use good cycles theory to make good settings for planning systems, for special systems, for all systems: cycles can have good plus very good positions, balancing between good plus very good positions. To make good attention for good plus very good cycles GUIDES have done good scientific joke: "People say that during periods women will get two orgazms a day: good plus very good, it will help to make good comfort balancing for organizm development. Also it is possible additional good plus very good balancing any day", so it will be also good on the way for Paradise feeling, but also good social, good economic activities, good relations are necessary.



"Sensation: eights will sign peace on the Earth. Russia improves the world".


Russian version: "Good prognosis succed. Eights will sign peace on the Earth":


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