stocks highest quality electronic cigarettes from leading brands for sale online. One can choose from a wide range of products like electronic cigarette starter kits, deluxe kits, refills and e-liquid customizers, batteries, cartridges and chargers. Once started by two cigarette users who replaced their normal cigarettes with vaporizers, this company has grown into one of the largest online retailers in the UK.

Based in Nuneaton (Near Coventry), in the UK Midlands, we accept Orders from anywhere in the world. The deliveries are ensured direct to your door and in almost no time. aims to provide the consumers with best quality products for the lowest prices so that everyone has the option of switching to the healthier mode of electronic cigarettes today.

These cigarettes are exempt from the UK Health Act 2006 because they do not contain tobacco or produce smoke and offer no risk of second hand smoke. Their use is not currently restricted within the UK.

All the products are SGS, ROHS and CE certified.

Every time the question 'why should I switch?’ bothers a regular cigarette user, here is the reply he /she may be looking for. Electronic cigarettes are tobacco free. Instead there exists a nicotine heating mechanism in them. Everyone is aware of the harms that tobacco causes. E version is far less hazardous. This is also the right product if someone is looking for complete cessation. Out of smokers who are also electronic cigarette users, 56% of men over 18 years old quit smoking. As for women, 44% of 18+ gave up the habit in the US.

In a survey of 1,400 e-cigarette users on the Internet, 76 percent said they started using their devices to replace cigarettes entirely. Besides this is a product that is getting immensely popular with each passing day. The total number of electronic cigarette users has reached 2.5 million.

E- Cigarette sales have been reaching sky rocketing sales which are expected to grow further to $ 1 billion from $ 500 million last year.

Consisting of 2 main parts, our company offers electronic cigarettes that are composed of a rechargeable battery and a vaporizer. The vaporizer is filled with an e-liquid which, when heated by the battery becomes a vapor which imitates the smoke from a regular cigarette. The heating element is usually activated by either simply puffing on the electronic cigarette or holding down a button on the e cigarette. It’s safer and cheaper but the smokers will still get their nicotine. This nicotine will eventually take away the cravings.

The ecigden team has all non-smokers and ex-smokers. All the products that are in stock come after several months of travelling, rigorous testing and extensive rejection of thousands of electronic cigarettes which fail the quality checks.

Our core values include efficiency, diligence, punctuality all summed up to professionalism. To know more about the ecigden and its policies or to place orders, you can visit the company at . We are also available on facebook and twitter.