Element Space Introduces Shipping Container Modular Structures to Build Container Kitchens

Guangzhou, China, 12, April 2016: Element Space shows how shipping containers can be converted into useful structures to be used for several purposes, including for running restaurants or coffee shops, using as trade show booths or for organizing promotional events etc. The engineers and designers of the company can work together to add style, functionality and an aesthetic appeal so that a shipping container can be used to meet the specific purpose of a client.

The company can quickly create a popup container kitchen for people interested in running a food and beverage business. They can create mobile kitchen units of different dimensions for a person to take their business to a new height. From a shipping container, they can build a well-organized and beautifully designed unit to serve the purpose of a kitchen, bar or a restaurant. They create and deliver fully functional units with electricity, water supply and other essential elements that are required for a business to meet their customer’s demands.

According to the company spokesperson, their popup container trade show booth could be an excellent option for companies to promote their products. The portable booths come with a modern and simple setup for a company to quickly install and deck up their booth for a promotional event. They provide 20 feet ISO certified container systems that can transform into a fully functional trade show booth at the push of a button. When pop-up its open platform can enlarge to expand about three times the built-up area to accommodate a large number of visitors. Roof terrace can also be built to give space to more visitors.

Element Space also specializes in shipping container homes that are not only functional but can also come with a dash of luxury. The container homes are safe and reliable for people to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay and are fully customizable to attend to the needs of the people. For any kind of shipping container modular structure, one can visit the website www.elementspaceinc.com.

About Element Space Inc

Element Space has a full in-house design and engineering team, ready to turn shipping container conversion idea into a reality. They are the leading innovator in designing and building modular structures, using shipping containers. The company is located in Guangzhou, China, but they can deliver worldwide. They can create any permanent or temporary structure, including shipping container homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, tiny houses, pop-up shops, man camps, dormitories, apartments, storage facilities, trade show & event displays, emergency housing, bathroom facilities, and more!

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