Pordenone, Pordenone ESAEnergie Ltd. offers its clients expertise in the field of renewable energy and energy conservation. It offers energy saving solutions for the construction of heating and cooling systems that can be combined with heat pumps for higher efficiency. The company also installs photovoltaic panels, and photovoltaic and solar thermal plants that use biomass. The company can undertake complete construction of a plant and implement a proposed turnkey solution. This includes completion of turnkey systems, conducting feasibility studies, offering technical advice, conceptualizing the design of the plant, coordinating with the technical and bureaucratic authorities, getting construction permits issued as well as finding financial solutions. The company also advises its clients on managing their energy bills.


The products and equipments that it offers include photovoltaic systems for the production of electricity for residential and business use, solar panels, and solar heating systems for producing sanitary hot water for housing, swimming pools or for other activities which require high consumption of hot water. ESAEnergie also offers heating systems that utilize biomass (wood pellets, wood chips etc.), high-efficiency air conditioners and electric heat pumps which use environmental energy, and wind turbines that produce electricity from wind for use by residences and small or medium business. The company also makes systems for using hydrogen fuel cells, systems for rainwater harvesting, and systems to ensure high air quality and/or water environments by means of parts, or other purification treatments.  It has designed and installed energy-saving solar systems in buildings of both the public and the private sector companies. All its systems have a high yield, and great care is taken to ensure that the systems also esthetically suit the buildings where they are installed, whether the application is residential or industrial.


ESAEnergie is led by its owner Deny Paul Darisi, whose expertise was fundamental in coming up with a solution that would create clean energy at zero cost. The systems designed by the company can be easily incorporated within the structure of the desired building. This enhances the value of the property both, from the point of view of saving energy, and in terms of its esthetic and real-estate value. The company won an award in 2010 from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage for displaying and promoting high quality photovoltaic systems which incorporate hi-tech solutions. It offers its clients a free preliminary guidance for using renewable energy and on energy conservation, and when contacted by phone or email, its customer service personnel respond at the earliest. To learn more about the services and products offered by the company, visit its website at www.esaenergie.it.