Experts Reveal How Inflammation Controls Our Lives

Orlando, FL— April 12, 2016 — Today, there are many external factors that influence the lives of people. There are technologically-advanced gadgets as well as activities that have successfully made some changes in the life quality of people. Unfortunately, human life is not only affected by external factors, but also the internal ones.

Experts reveal how inflammation controls our lives. Inflammation is thought to play a role in the development of diseases such as diabetes, pain, heart disease, obesity, ADHD, migraines, stroke, dental issues, and thyroid problems.

One of the major problems about the way that ailments are dealt with nowadays is that health professionals and even experts aren’t quite sure how to eliminate inflammation. There are pharmaceutical drugs available but many of them only work by masking the symptoms.

There are many inflammatory diseases, and they should be addressed on all levels. It is imperative that people understand how inflammation develops in order to deal with it properly.

When there is repeated damage in the intestinal lining due to reoccurring leaky gut syndrome, the microvilli can do their job properly. The microvilli are damage cells and they become unable to function and make use of the enzymes and nutrients necessary for proper digestion.

As the body’s response, inflammation takes place. There are also other consequences such as allergic reactions and symptoms of various diseases. While inflammation may appear harmless, it nonetheless is associated with the development of a myriad of debilitating and serious diseases.

The inflammatory triggers, especially when the immune system is overburdened, affect the organs, nerves, joints, connective tissues, and muscles. This can make the onset of certain diseases more noticeable.

Inflammation makes one more susceptible to medical conditions. Among these inflammatory diseases are allergy, Alzheimer’s disease, anemia, ankylosing spondylitis, asthma, autism, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, and many others.

To reduce the risk of these conditions, the root cause of inflammation should be properly addressed. There are ways to fight or prevent the onset of inflammation, and one is to simply make some dietary changes.
Following an anti-inflammatory diet is essential to preventing inflammation from controlling one’s life. This diet requires the avoidance of pro-inflammatory foods such as dairy and processed meats.
There are also food items that are thought to fight inflammation. One is turmeric, which is an ancient, medicinal spice used for thousands of years. It has been an important part of the traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

“Today, turmeric is widely available in a powder form or through supplementation,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan (
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