Experts Reveal The Recovery Steps That Identity Theft Victims Should Resort To

Orlando, FL — April 06, 2016 - Identity theft is one of the most prevalent crimes that affects many people worldwide. This type of crime can happen to anyone at any time. Individuals who become victims of these thieves can resort to measures that would help them repair the damage.

Experts reveal the recovery steps that identity theft victims should resort to. There are steps to take after the occurrence of the incident that would help victims recover.

Unlike fingerprints, personal data such as one’s bank account, Social Security number, or credit card number can be stolen. Once information is stolen, thieves can make a profit out of it at the victim’s expense.

In Canada and United States, many people have reported being victims of identity thieves. Their funds were stolen or even their identities. Thieves commit crimes using the name of victims, and this can place victims in a terrible financial struggle.

What makes identity theft alarming is that criminals do not have to break into the homes of victims. They can easily steal information in just a few seconds or minutes using their tools.

In 1998, the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act was passed by Congress. This legislation makes identity theft an offense that is a violation of the Federal law. The penalty for this offense is a maximum of 15 years of imprisonment.

Experts suggest that victims of identity theft should call the company where the fraud occurred, place a fraud alert, and get their credit report. They should also report the crime to the local police department. The next step is to close new accounts opened in their name and remove the bogus charges from the accounts.

They may correct their credit report and add extended fraud alert or credit freeze. There are various steps that victims can resort to such as resolve their tax-related identity theft. Report the misuse of their Social Security number, and clear their name of criminal charges.

There are also steps that people can take to increase their protection against identity theft. They should be stingy about making their personal information accessible to others, especially in making purchases. This is especially true to individuals who are fond of making online transactions.

There are also protective tools such as the RFID blocking sleeves that are designed to block thieves from stealing information from credit cards, passports, and other documents. This set of RFID blocking sleeves can be purchased at (
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