Experts Reveal The Secrets of Finding A Job and Working With Arthritis

Orlando, FL — April 11, 2016 — Arthritis is not just painful; it's also a debilitating condition. It affects millions of people from around the world and is notoriously known to reduce the quality of life of sufferers. It also causes physical limitations, which hinder sufferers from functioning or keeping their job.

Experts reveal the secrets of finding a job and working with arthritis. Having the condition is definitely not a valid reason to quit working and succumbing to a painful, pathetic life.

According to research, getting a job can help boost confidence and improve mobility. In one survey, it was found that individuals with osteoarthritis who are employed reported less pain than the unemployed arthritis sufferers.

In a study featured in the Journal of Rheumatology in 2010, it was found that adult RA sufferers were less likely to be employed by 53 percent than individuals without the condition. In other studies, it was found that osteoarthritis reduces productivity as well as increase pain. This is especially true to workers who had physically demanding positions.

Saralynn Allaire, a professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, believes that the key to overcoming some of the challenges is not to know one’s limitations, but to learn about the myriad of resources available for sufferers.

According to experts, individuals who have recently left a job because of arthritis should be honest with themselves about their situation. They should also come up with a list of must-haves such as the flexible work hours or if they need to be stationed close to the restroom.

During an interview, experts advise sufferers to not discuss too much about their medical condition. It is important to note that by law, applicants are not required to disclose their medical condition. They should talk about positive things such as how they can be a valuable asset to the team.

Arthritis sufferers who are concerned with their productivity levels of post-operative pain should prepare themselves with the help of a physical therapist. It is recommended that they provide their therapist with detailed information about their day-to-day job tasks.

There are many things they can do to stay productive and employed. Arthritis sufferers may adjust their work space and make sure that they get their minds in shape.

The use of natural remedies such as glucosamine supplement is a popular option among individuals who are living with arthritis and working. Many arthritis sufferers believe that glucosamine is a safer alternative to pain medications and are helpful in regaining their overall joint health (
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