[Austin, TX] – May 16, 2012 – Shocking statistics show that at construction sites around the world, over $1 billion is stolen or damaged each year that could be stopped if thieves and vandals had a harder time accessing these sites. Often, all that is needed is the right fence and it will be harder for persons with criminal intent to access them. Copper theft is a big problem in the United States today and not only do commercial construction sites stand vulnerable, even municipal and government sites can become victim to this type of theft. In addition, vandalism can destroy a massive amount of products used to build structures and end up costing companies incredible amounts of damage over the long run. Many solutions such as state of the art psim can reduce the dollar amount, in terms of losses, that companies experience each year, but first the steps have to be taken to implement these solutions. Choosing the right one will depend on many different factors, but those companies that are aggressive about putting in the right kind of restriction to criminal access do often end up getting the best possible results.

Smarter Security, Inc. is a company that focuses on providing both indoor and outdoor security equipment for corporations, governments and municipalities, enabling them to help reduce theft and even violent crime by using the best of today’s technology. Their range of cutting edge security fence options can make it a great deal easier to secure a premises, no matter what type it is or how large the overall area is. This helps bring a sense of peace and order to operations that might otherwise end up being risky. The best fences do a great deal to help reduce the need for guards and make sure that a property is able to provide a solid return on investment that is so important in today’s world. Those that are thorough in investigating their options often find that new hi tech solutions present them with a more convenient and cost effective way to secure property and cut losses to theft and damage.

Companies wishing to explore the many options that Smarter Security can provide them with should take a look at http://www.smartersecurity.com/ now and discover all they have to offer. Alternately, if they prefer they can call toll free 1-800-943-0043 and ask any questions they have right over the phone.

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