Experts Warn About The Health Risks Linked With The Pedicure Season

Orlando, FL — April 7, 2016 - A pedicure is a favorite foot pampering activity that many people engage in. Going to salons is essential to have clean, beautiful, and smooth feet. However, there are things that people should be aware of before booking their pedicure.

Experts warn about the health risks linked with the pedicure season. While it is essential to have the feet cleaned and polished, it is more important to stay away from certain health risks such as bacteria and infections.

Dr. Ella Toombs, a dermatologist in Washington, DC, Dr. Jackie Sutera, a New York-based podiatrist,  and Crystal Clements, the manager at Eve Salon in New York City reveal the secrets in getting a safe pedicure.

According to them, people should not allow the pedicurist to turn the bubbles on in the foot bath while the feet are soaked. Dr. Sutera reveals that the jets in the whirlpool bath harbors fungus and bacteria.

Dr. Sutera also added that about 10 to 12 individuals a week are infected with fungal or viral infections such as athlete’s foot and wart from foot baths. It is recommended to dry the spaces in between the toes and ensure that none of the skin areas is cut.

It is similarly important to determine whether or not the metal tools and equipment in a salon are sterilized.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines, it is imperative to see if the tools are soaked with a disinfectant that is proven to kill bacteria. This can significantly reduce one’s risk of infection.

Experts also added that all non-metal tools should be used only by one client as they cannot be sterilized. It is even better if they bring along their own nail files and foot pumices.

One of the things that salon clients should do is to get some instructions from the pedicurist on how to cut their own toenails and cuticles. This can save them from having a trip to the doctor.

Individuals who have just shaved their legs or suffering from certain conditions should not go to salons. This is especially true to individuals with diabetes and HIV. More importantly, clients should avoid taking advantage of deals as it usually involves crowded salons and quick turnover.

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