Dalian, China; May 29, 2015: The international trade is on the rise, and China has emerged as an important player in the global trade scenario. With a huge manufacturing base, the country is leading the way to supply to both end-customers as well as business clients. Companies from around the world that want to import machines, equipments and products to grow their business can now rely on Exportimes.com. The website is a reliable B2B platform to procure machineries, equipments and products to set up a business or grow an existing business.

Exportimes has a list of verified suppliers for an international company to build a business relationship with them. Exportimes conducts a quality audit of the Suppliers and manufacturing companies and prepares a report for an international company interested in importing from them. With a factory evolution, product inspection and credit check, the objective of Exportimes is to maintain a business integrity that can serve as the pillar of a long-term business relationship between the exporters and the Importers .

Exportimes offers customized services to international buyers where a company can choose specific services based on their requirements. The idea is to offer customers a complete satisfaction with the consultancy and the quality audit report to make sure that it is getting the best value for money. According to the different requirements, Exportimes defines the components of the professional analysis that can provide the complete details about a factory or a manufacturer for a sensible business decision making.

In China, one can find a number of manufacturers of the same products. However, an importer often puts an emphasis to do business with a reliable company that supplies quality products at reasonable prices and also maintains a due diligence. This is where Exportimes plays a crucial role of a trusted friend for an international company to find a reliable product supplier from China. The online platform has already an extensive list of product supplying companies, and one can also request for quality audit of a manufacturer before entering into a business contract. To check the list of the verified and credit check supplying companies, one can visit the website http://www.exportimes.com .

About Exportimes

Exportimes is a professional B2B website which can provide the best trade service to the customers. According to different requirements to different factories, they provide personalized solutions. Exportimes will make a quality audit report based on the actual data. The report, including multi-angle photos and video images of factory, electronic version of the documentation and professional analysis report, helps recommend suitable suppliers with accuracy and efficiency for buyers.

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