EyeEm is a new photo community and marketplace app. It made an investment of $6 billion recently. The round was led mainly by Earlybird Venture Capital but some of the funds were provided by the two existing EyeEm investors viz. Wellington Partners and Passion Capital. 

Florian Meissner, the co-founder and CEO of EyeEm said that “They have had successful launches in Russia, Brazil, Japan and The United States and we are seeing very active engagement in these countries.” Also “We are investing a lot of time and resources to roll out internationally. We already have the app localized in 20 languages and there are 20 more to come in a couple of months.” he added. 

EyeEm plans to monetize your photos, i.e. instead of taking a loyalty free license with every image that is uploaded to the app, EyeEm will pay the user a fee for their images, but the monetization policy is not yet finalized. More and more people are looking to buy instagram followers or likes online at sites like http://buyinstapromo.com/ in just a few hours. 

“We see a huge opportunity in the market space. As a way of becoming the Getty Images of the smartphone generation, selling images that are not available.” said Meissner. Leading brands like Red Bull, Vice Magazine have already taken advantage of this platform, which is growing very rapidly. 

EyeEm is currently available for Android and iOS, but there are more versions coming soon. Instagram may not have earned a dime before it was acquired by Facebook, but EyeEm is already cashing paychecks. So EyeEm is overtaking Instagram very quickly.