Faster source for direct hard money loans in California

Businesses often apply for hard money loans when they need cash quickly. California Hard Money Direct arranges loans through private investors. These loans, available for residential and commercial real estate in California, have rates starting at 7.99%. Decisions are based upon the value of the asset instead of the credit of the applicant.

Loans arranged through California Hard Money Direct involve no middlemen. No income verification is required, all credit problems are accepted, funding for both LLCs and corporations can be arranged, and Foreign National loans are granted. Loan to Value (LTV) is up to 70% for residential property and up to 75% for commercial property.

The company is well-known as a source for hard money loans in California. Residential loan limits go up to $10,000,000, some with no pre-payment penalty, for both investment and owner occupied properties. Commercial loan limits go up to $20,000,000, some with no prepayment penalty, for all types of commercial buildings including mixed use. In some situations, land and construction loans in non-rural areas of California can be granted.

Hard money is a term for any financing option which is an alternative to commercial bank lending. Because of timing, deal complications or risk, hard money lenders in California can provide funds when conventional lenders cannot. Those interested should be sure they are using this type of loan correctly. Hard money rates and fees are usually higher than fees from conventional lenders. These loans are intended to use for short-term financing with a typical loan term of 1-5 years. California Hard Money Direct places high priority on their clients being able to profit from arrangements made with its assistance. Prompt attention is given to all inquiries. If the numbers make sense, the request will be approved.

For information on California Hard Money Direct, go to Send questions via e-mail to or call 800-571-0887. The company is based in Sherman Oaks, California.