Feature-rich Online Task Manager Available for Task Tracking & Improve Productivity

04, June 2015: Many people realize the importance of a project management tool that provides them with a better project planning ability for effective results. Yoyo is a feature-rich Online Task Manager that is remarkable for its intuitive planning functionality, such as the integration of the task timelines, reminders, comments etc. The salient features of this project management tool make it a desired solution for both personal as well as business use.

Yoyo allows users to be better organized and delegate tasks to team members for the completion of a project in a timely manner. The tool allows users to keep track of each detail of a project. With a solid Task Tracking functionality, users can easily be added to a task, and they can comment on the timeline and other important aspects of a task. This way, it helps create a collaborative work environment and users can track a task, even from remote locations.

According to the spokesperson of Yoyo, it’s an effective Task Manager for collaboration between colleagues, co-workers, friends and family members. With the cloud integration, the data is available to every worker in an online environment. It allows fast sharing of files and data, and one can access the system, using a variety of computing and mobile devices. The spokesperson reveals that Yoyo supports all major cloud platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

With Yoyo’s task reporting platform, users will be able to see the To-Do List and the timeline for each task, and also an effective reporting when a task is completed. The built-in task-history functionality helps increase the productivity, as it allows analysis of every stage of a project. Yoyo is simple to use with its drag and drop features of file sharing, easy to add people to tasks and an effective search. With a balanced set of salient features and performance, Yoyo has emerged as a practical project management solution for the present era. To learn more about its features, one may visit the website https://getyoyo.com/

About Yoyo:

Website: https://getyoyo.com

Yoyo is a project management tool, allowing users to plan, organize and track tasks in a timely and effective manner. It is a simple and practical way to manage daily tasks or team projects in a collaborative work environment. One can plan and organize tasks and projects visually and can delegate tasks to team members in real time.