21, June 2016: According to leading San Marcos CA feng shui consultant Janet Sandquist, feng shui house decorating is popluar among those wishing to enhance positive chi and prosperity in their newly purchased home.

New homeowners want a decorated home to be proud of, one that feels right and exudes their own personal style. An expensive home remodeling project with a construction contractor is not always the best choice when Feng Shui house decorating is available at a great bargain.

Finding one's spiritual center and reflecting that in the comfort of one's home is where the expertise of Feng Shui consultant Janet Sandquist is worth her weight in gold. According to the Feng Shui consultant and head of San Marcos CA based Feng Shui 4 Today; the art of her approach to Feng Shui is about remedying unfavorable energy patterns and enhancing favorable ones.

Janet says her Feng Shui talents and deep insights help people wishing to enhance their living space with positive chi and prosperity using foundational elements of. Feng Shui house decorating. She continued," Feng shui house decorating means different things to different people, especially because there are so many stereotypes attached to Feng Shui."

There are many approaches to feng shui, which uses the elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal to achieve harmony and synchronize areas in your new home for maximum benefits, growth and comfort. Each property she works with is special, unique and needs individual attention to details. Each client is unique and also deserves the same commitment to individual personal time and attention.

However, Janet cautions that the spirituality of Feng Shui isn't as simple as furniture placement and interior home decor choices, but it helps to create a more intimate and personal setting so as to bring about positive changes from within. According to the Feng Shui expert, the practice of Feng Shui is based on creating a balanced environment that creates a physical space where the movement of energy can flow in a positive way.

The energy in Feng Shui is called "Chi", and she believes a person can have either good Chi or bad Chi around them. Chi can be positive, energizing and strong. It can become stagnant as well and as such, should be avoided. "My job is to help you get access to good Chi while deflecting the bad Chi," said Janet, whose practice in her Feng Shui consultant business is to introduce refinements and enhancements to her clients' home or living space.

She further explans, "One way to view life is that everything is a blend of Chi; if we can learn how to manage Chi, we learn how to manage life. Feng Shui is about managing Chi. We first learn to diagnose a Chi condition and then manage it by optimizing opportunities or elements and reducing influences (elements as well). By properly utilizing Feng Shui, you can begin to change the way your home feels and the way you feel as a result. The flow of positive chi coupled with how you feel can bring about great prosperity to you and your family."

For the Do-It-Yourself person, research may reveal a mountain of conflicting information that can seem daunting to approach. The best way to accurately and cost/time effectively get the best and quickest results of Feng Shui for your home, office or land, is to set up a private consultation appointment with Janet Sandquist, the lead feng shui consultant at Feng Shui 4 Today.

About Janet Sandquist:

Janet Sandquist calls upon her vast knowledge and experience in Feng Shui to accurately assess what your home, office or property needs to achieve balance and enhance positive Chi (energy flow). She then guides her clients to arrange their home or office to bring "good luck" to these areas and to make sure the Chi flows smoothly so that each area on the Bagua is nurtured and energized for good luck and prosperity. Contact feng shui consultant Janet Sandquist at http://fengshui4today.com/contact-us.

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