Fine Line Living Announces Debut Of High Tech EVP-70 Essential Oil Carrying-Case

Clarks Summit, PA —  April 4 2016 - Fine Line Living, a company that specializes in affordable aromatherapy products for home and personal use, has today announced that it is adding a custom designed essential oil carrying case to its product lineup. The EVP-70, a lightweight, aluminum framed case, will be available in two popular colors, light blue and jet black.

“Although this is a bit of a departure from the products that we currently carry at Fine Line, we are thrilled that we can now offer our customers a different solution than what has been available to store, organize and travel with their essential oil collection,” says Tina Traver, CEO and founder of Fine Line Living. “With the growing popularity of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils as a natural way to help maintain ones health, more people are investing in not just one or two types of oils, but in many different oils for themselves and their families. We also have found that people just love to have their oils with them when they leave the house,” added Traver.

The EVP-70 carrying case uses a unique lightweight aluminum frame and solid wood panels as the foundation. The attache style case sports twin locking latches and an easy grip handle. The interior of the case uses high density foam for protection and has the capacity to store up to 40 bottles of essential oils.

“Originally, we thought a 40 bottle case might be a bit of overkill for the typical essential oil user until we did some informal surveys of our current customers. The responses surprised us a bit. We learned that many wanted a higher capacity case to use as their oil collections grew,” states Traver.

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Fine Line Living is a family owned business based in Pennsylvania. They specialize in unique aromatherapy products for everyday personal use. The motto of the company is “Helping You Live Better Naturally.”
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