Fine Line Living Announces New High Tech EVP-70 Essential Oil Carrying Case

Clarks Summit, Pa. —  April 5 2016
Fine Line Living today has made the announcement that the newest addition to their product line, the EVP-70 Essential Oil Carrying Case, will now be sold online at The carrying case, which is designed to hold 40 bottles of essential oils, will be offered in the popular colors of light blue and black.

“We couldn't be more thrilled to finally offer our carrying case on the number one online marketplace,” says Tina Traver, CEO and founder of Fine Line Living. “At first it may seem like this is quite a departure from the personal aromatherapy products that we currently carry here at Fine Line Living, but when you take a closer look it really isn't.”

“Aromatherapy and the uses of essential oils have blossomed in the last 5 years. People are looking for a more natural way to stay healthy and essential oils have been shown to help with treating many of our common ailments. With that in mind, we have customers that have more than just one or two bottles of essential oils sitting around the house. In fact, many now have collections. So by adding this carrying case to our lineup, we have the ability to offer them a solid solution to organizing and protecting their collections, not only when they are at home, but when they travel,” added Traver.

The new EVP-70 carrying case measures 15 inches wide, 10 inches deep and only 3.5 inches high. The frame of the case uses aluminum and all panels are lightweight MDF wood. The interior of the case uses both a high density foam for the oil bottles on the bottom and adds a layer of eggshell style foam in the lid for even more security when the case is closed.

Discover more about the EVP-70 Essential Oil Carrying Case here: (

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Fine Line Living is a family owned business that has a line of personal aromatherapy products designed for everyday day use. These include essential oil diffusers and aromatherapy necklaces.  Their whole product line is now available for sale on

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