Fine Line Living Places Lifetime Warranty On Newly-Released Essential Oil Carrying Case

Clarks Summit, Pa. —  April 18 2018 - Today Fine Line Living, a company that specializes in aromatherapy products and essential oil accessories, announced that their new 40 bottle EVP-70 Essential Oil Carrying Case, which has just been released on, will now be sold with a lifetime warranty included.

“It really just makes good business sense for us as a company and it gives our customers more peace of mind when they purchase,” stated Tina Traver, founder and CEO of Fine Line Living when asked about the extended warranty. “We wouldn't be extending the manufacturers warranty if we didn't feel confident in the quality and the durability of our new case.”

The new EVP-70 oil carrying case, upon first look, is quite a departure from the standard soft cloth cases that most customers are used to seeing. It features an aluminum frame, lightweight wooden panels and twin locking latches for security. Inside the case, purchasers will find a high density foam insert with holes that are cut to precisely fit the very popular 15ml bottles of essential oils from companies such as Young Living and DoTerra.

“It's a totally different type and style of case from what already exists in the market and it gives our customers more flexibility for the storage, display and the transportation of their essential oils,” added Traver. “With the growing trend of families turning towards more natural methods for the treatment of many common ailments, the use of essential oils and the essential oil business is literally booming. People no longer have just one or two bottles sitting around the house. They literally have collections.”

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