Augmented reality headsets provide spine surgeons “X-ray vision” at some point of processes for accurate and customized implant placement while retaining their eyes on their patients

Best spine specialist Manipal Hospital Bangalore is the first to start the usage of a form of augmented reality in their practice. The three-dimensional navigation system and headset permit surgeons to “see” within the body, supporting them quickly and appropriately placing implants in each patient’s unique anatomy. This system lets surgeons maintain their recognition directly on the affected person, rather than on a distant display showing the patient’s CT scans.

The technology is like a complicated car navigation system— except instead of looking backward and forward between the car’s display screen and the road, the instructions are superimposed directly to the road in advance. Without the augmented truth headset, surgeons depend upon feeling, X-ray, and CT images taken through the system the latest technology.

The first time Dr. Vidyadhara S Manipal hospital used augmented reality was during a complex spinal fusion system in which multiple vertebrae had been brought together and stabilized with rods and several screws. Best spine specialist Manipal Hospital Bangalore stated he and the operating team had been capable of appropriately placing the screws in about half of the time it'd commonly require.

“Much less time inside the operating room commonly means much less blood loss, fewer dangers of associated complications, and the capability for a more fast restoration,” Dr. Vidyadhara S Manipal hospital said. “Of route, saving time should not be at the cost of safety. However, with this technology, we will decrease operative time even as truly enhance safety. My focus is to align the goals of spine surgery with the ones of every patient, in order that they obtain personalized care. I attempt to treat every patient as an individual, and understand what they need to get out in their surgery.”

The system includes a headset with a transparent near-eye display and navigation technology to determine the place of surgical equipment in real-time and superimposes them at the patient's CT scan image. The information is projected into the medical professional’s retina using the headset, allowing the surgeon to concurrently see the patients’ precise spinal anatomy from the side, the top, and in 3 dimensions, with a software program letting them recreate the same trajectory for each tool used and all through screw placement.

Best spine specialist Manipal Hospital Bangalore also looks ahead to incorporating the technology in his teaching. “Usually, residents and fellows can most effectively see what my hand is doing,” Dr. Vidyadhara S Manipal hospital said. “Now they’ll be able to see the patient’s spine as well, the trajectory of a device in the spine in real-time, after which understand why I might choose to place a screw the way I do, for instance. And that they’ll be capable of seeing precisely how to adjust as we go, depending on the patient’s precise anatomy.”

Back and neck aches are among the most common reason for a doctor's visit, but they don’t always require surgery. Best spine specialist Manipal Hospital Bangalore is skilled in diagnostic care and surgical and nonsurgical treatment options. “I worry that many people are unnecessarily living in pain due to the fact they fear they may need a surgical operation, or due to the fact they’ve put off seeing a medical doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Best spine specialist Manipal Hospital Bangalore said. “But it never hurts to speak about your options with a spine expert — and now's the best time to do it.”

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