Surgical treatment is the oldest form of cancer treatment and, for most patients, is part of the curative plan. It’s far used to diagnose, level, and treat cancer and safe cancer-associated signs. Dr. Vinod Raina cancer surgeon in India has performed thousands of procedures and is specially trained to choose the best type of surgical intervention for your condition. He is expertly trained in the latest techniques, including minimally invasive and robotic surgery.

Low-cost surgical oncologist Gurgaon India announced today that it is developing the first robotic delivery system used for cancer surgery. Dr. Vinod Raina cancer surgeon in India offers a stand-alone solution for robotic-assisted surgery during open, laparoscopic/mini-invasive, endoscopic, thoracoscopic, and trans-oral surgical procedures.

According to Dr. Vinod Raina cancer surgeon in India, “Our technology actually ablates cancer cells without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. We currently finished a section 1 FDA medical trial the usage of Canady Helios™ bloodless atmospheric plasma (CHCAP) for the remedy of recurrent and level 4 strong tumors. We see this novel generation, added with the precision of robotic-assisted era, as the most exciting new form of personalized and targeted medicine being explored today.”

CHCAP has many advantages. It is performed during the surgical procedure. It is exceedingly selective because it most effectively objectives cancer cells. And thirdly, the CHCAP treatment is customized for specific cancer types (i.e., breast, ovarian, sarcoma, lung, colon, cervical, pancreas, and other strong cancerous tumors).

Low-cost surgical oncologist Gurgaon India, one of the pioneers in Robotic surgery with an experience of more than 30,000 surgeries, said, “CHCAP is the newest in technology that offers a totally distinctive sense and an entirely new level of experience. When we established the device in our hospital, I didn’t think to suppose it would be so easy; however, the portability of the system had us in awe. The CHCAP is taking the world by storm, not just the country. After performing several cases, I have experienced the benefits of CHCAP for the surgeon first-hand and how it has impacted the patients as well. It is certainly transforming surgery one patient at a time."

The adoption of CHCAP by Dr. Vinod Raina cancer surgeon India offering Robotic-Assisted surgery to patients across the globe with lesser pain, faster recovery, and an overall, better patient quality of lifestyles is what's permitting CHCAP to obtain its intention of making robotic-assisted surgical treatment more reachable to the world.

Low-cost surgical oncologist Gurgaon India will offer patients with comprehensive cancer care under one roof. The surgical operation is thus conducted with superior precision, dexterity, and control even during the most complicated procedures, the release added.

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