Floormat.com Announces Floor Mats Designed For Medical Facilities


Floormat.com, an industry-leading provider of floor matting solutions, is offering a variety of floor mats with the extra safety and stability required in medical and laboratory contexts. The floor mat company provides floor mats for individuals and commercial customers throughout many different industries.

Floormat.com devotes an entire section of their website to their medical matting solutions, found at http://www.floormat.com/industrial/medical/index.html . The first listed medical matting solution from the Etna, Ohio based company is the ViSpa Histology Lab Wax Trapper Matting; the durable vinyl loop carpet mat is designed to resist chemicals commonly found in histology labs and to trap paraffin—a wax material that often becomes embedded in carpets and causes slips and falls—in order to provide a safer environment.

In addition to ViSpa’s Histology Lab Wax Trapper Matting, Floormat.com also offers a 3D Foot Rest and Laboratory Vibration Isolation Padding from ViSpa. The foot rest is designed with double layers of padding for laboratory technicians and other workers to stand for extended durations and has been found to reduce their back, foot and leg fatigue. The vibration isolation padding is designed to be placed underneath lab equipment like centrifuges and microscopes and limit the noise and vibration under these instruments that can inhibit their function.

Rounding out the products Floormat.com offers the medical industry are several other options to improve the performance and comfort of medical professionals as they stand for lengthy periods of time. The floor matting solutions company provides GelPro Surgical Mats, which are anti-fatigue mats designed to be placed around the work areas of surgeons, doctors, nurses and medical technicians. The anti-fatigue mats implement anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties and are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute as providing the highest level of traction possible. The mats have been successfully incorporated into operating rooms, procedure areas, lab testing areas and all other areas of a hospital or medical facility where long working periods on one’s feet are required. Further information can be found at http://www.floormat.com/industrial/medical/gelpro.html

Floormat.com has been a leader in the custom floor matting, heated floor mats and floor mat safety solution spaces for over 60 years. They have provided anti-slip solutions for multiple government entities, including the U.S. Army, and businesses in a broad spectrum of industries. For more information on their full offering of medical safety mats or to inquire about other products they offer, the company may be contacted using the contact information below.

Company: Floormat.com
Address: 101 Progressive Drive, Etna, OH 43062
Phone: 800-876-1312
Email: info@floormat.com
Website: http://www.floormat.com