Floormat.com Unveils New, Redesigned Website

Matthew Boley - FM PR1 C317

Floormat.com, an industry leader in floor mats, floor matting products and customized floor matting solutions, recently launched a new company website. The website update focuses on providing their commercial and residential clients with easy access to ordering and product information; the integration of new content and graphics is another aspect of the update.

Clients and prospective clients navigating through the new website with the intention of identifying or purchasing floor mats or floor matting products can search for items by utilizing two drop-down menus at the top of the home page, a drop-down menu that sorts products by industry and to a drop-down menu that sorts products by category.

Among the specific industries Floormat.com carries products for, as indicated on the new website, are the healthcare, hotel, manufacturing, assisted living, retail and restaurant industries, among others. The industry-specific menu also features sections for both residential and office floor mats, matting equipment and supplies. Further details can be found at https://www.floormat.com/industry/office/

A second drop-down menu sorts the products available on Floormat.com by product category. The categories available to choose from include anti-slip tape & treads, cleaners, floor mats, and products for noise & vibration reduction purposes. A section of the website devoted to specialty matting products is also accessible through this categorical drop-down menu.

The content updates to the website seek to highlight customer success stories. The success stories serve as case studies that describe detailed experiences in which Floormat.com was able to provide customized floor matting solutions that fit the specific needs of a client. In total, a half dozen of these case studies, making up a series called “TrueMatch True Stories” are published on Floormat.com’s new site.

One of the Floormat.com’s success stories discusses some applications of their floor matting products able to provide heat to the surrounding room. While wood floors are aesthetically pleasing and functional, Floormat.com notes, they also can create a cooling effect in the colder months. One Ohio mother with hardwood floors in her home worked with Floormat.com for a solution to the often-cold floors. “We, of course, advised her to incorporate a RugBuddy portable rug system that utilizes 'speedheat,’ transferring more heat upward. Safe, silent and energy efficient, the RugBuddy is the only portable heating product approved for use under area rugs,” the floor matting company writes. More can be read at https://floormat.com/true-match/home-is-where-the-warmth-is/

The other case studies feature stories of floor matting solutions that Floormat.com was able to provide for clients in the healthcare industry, athletic stadiums and the U.S. Coast Guard, among others.

Floormat.com has provided customized floor matting solutions for over 60 years. For other client success stories or for more information about their products and how they might be applicable to a specific issue, the company may be contacted using the information provided below.

Company: Floormat.com
Address: 101 Progressive Drive, Etna, OH 43062
Phone: 800-876-1312
Email: info@floormat.com
Website: http://www.floormat.com