Force Fluid is the next generation of ferro fluid display to come out of the Fluux Design Lab.  Already in countless stores and museums, ferro fluid now comes in an aluminum, vertical casing to sit easily on a table or desk for hours of fun.

Ferro fluid is a liquid consisting of iron nano-particles encapsulated in surfactant spheres that respond to powerful magnetic fields to create unique and temporary works of art.  When exposed to these forces, ferro fluid takes on unique shapes and can be manipulated like no other liquid on the planet.

Initially developed for the space program, some common applications include:

- Electronic devices
- Targeted medical delivery methods
- Optics
- Analytical instrumentation
- Aerospace

Capturing this amazing nano-technology in a cylindrical desktop display, Force Fluid provides a temporary distraction from everyday stresses and allows users to merge science, art, and design.

With three sleek colors to choose from (black, silver, or gold), the anodized aluminum container comes with two matching anodized neodymium wands. The new vertical design keeps the unit standing upright, prevents air bubbles from staining the glass when not in use, and adds stability when using the Force Fluid’s double wands. A magnetic screw prevents glass staining by providing a place to store the ferro fluid when not in use.

Two neodymium magnet wands are included with every display.  The rubber tops prevent the magnets from smashing into the glass.  The magnet wands will never go missing when stored on the magnetic cap.

Perfect for corporate or personal gifts, the Force Fluid comes prepackaged in its own retail packaging.  The suspension liquid contained in the Force Fluid is non-toxic and non-flammable, perfect for users of all ages.  With our new lab grade equipment, manufacturing is now precise, reliable, and enhanced.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at,  offers pledge levels from $34 plus shipping for an early backer to $100 plus shipping for one Force Fluid in every color with two magnet wands per unit.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.


About Force Fluid:

Force Fluid is the name of a desk toy that interacts magnetically with ferro fluid to allow creation of temporary and unique works of art for temporary stress relief.

Contact Person: Krunal Patel
Company: Fluux Design Lab, LLC
Address: Houston, TX, United States
Phone: 281-827-7284
Email: [email protected]

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