For Women’s Health Inc. has started their Yacon Weight Loss Syrup 50% Sale on Amazon.

For Women’s Health has started to manufacture and sell yacon syrup, after a study that was done on 55 overweight women with cholesterol and blood sugar problems, also a history of constipation.

The purpose of the study was to test if the new yacon syrup would help in weight loss...

The 55 women were split into two groups… 40 women took the organic YACON SYRUP, while 15 women took another type of syrup with no active weight loss ingredients, a placebo.

The study went on for 120 days, about 4 months and the women in the Yacon syrup group, who were eating 20-25 grams of syrup per day, about 4-5 teaspoons, had lost 33 pounds on average.

And they also saw reductions in waist circumference and their appetite and cravings for sweets also reduced.

At the same time, the placebo group gained an average of 3.5 pounds.

The women in the Yacon syrup group lost 3.9 inches, or 10 centimeters off of their waist, while no significant change was noticed in the placebo group.

There were several other effects noted in the Yacon syrup group. Their Body Mass Index (BMI) went from 34 to 28 (From obese to overweight).

Their stool frequency increased from 0.28 per day to 0.99 per day, effectively curing them of constipation.

Fasting insulin levels went down by 42%.

Insulin resistance, a major risk factor for diabetes and heart disease, went down by 67%.

LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol went from 137 to 97.5, a 29% decrease.

Overall, the women taking the Yacon syrup had dramatic improvements in both body weight and metabolic health, while the women taking the placebo stayed pretty much the same.

Yacon Syrup is very high in fructooligosaccharides, up to 40-45%, which are sugar molecules that are connected in a way that makes them unrecognizable by the digestive system, and because of this, a large part of Yacon syrup isn’t digested.

It has only a third of the caloric value of sugar, about 133 calories per 100 grams, or 20 calories per tablespoon and tastes amazing!

The fructooligosaccharides eventually reach the large intestine, where they feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

When the bacteria digest the fructooligosaccharides, they also produce short-chain fatty acids that have powerful anti-obesity effects, because they increase metabolism with up to 15%.

Yacon Syrup also lowers the hunger hormone ghrelin, helping to reduce appetite.

Because of all these weight loss and health benefits, For Women’s Health has started selling Yacon Syrup 9 months ago, having thousands of happy yacon syrup clients,

Recently they have started a 50% off sale, because they want more people to get the benefits of consuming this amazing syrup.

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About us: For Women’s Health is one of the weight loss industry leaders, with hundreds of thousands of happy clients, selling weight loss programs and weight loss supplements, mostly on Amazon.

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