Fotos Pittadjis: Procedure of Issuing Cyprus Passports

Mr. Fotos Pittadjis is the creator and president of F. Pittadjis Law Firm, and also, the president of Paralimni Football Club. 

Recently, he has formed a very strong team of individuals who have perfected the procedure of issuing Cyprus passports to foreign investors that wish to invest on the inland of Cyprus. 

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Mr. Pittadjis leverage along with his international and governmental connections, constitute him the idea of professional for the representation of foreign investors. 

The new legislation that has passed in Cyprus regarding the issuance of passports, makes it very easy practically and procedurally for a foreign investor to acquire the Cyprus/ European passport within 2-4 months. 

This is something that distinguishes Cyprus from any other country providing the same or similar advantages since the absence of locacy , the fast and efficient governmental and administrative committees make the procedure very fast and easy. 

All these along with the powerful recourses of Mr. Pittadjis and F. Pittadjis Law Firm are putting Cyprus in a much better position that any other country. 

So far many Chinese and Russian people have applied for the Cyprus passport for which the requirement is merely an investment of 5 millions euro and many of them have already successfully acquired the passport. 

Having said all this the conclusion is, that, for any individual outside Europe that wishes to acquire a European passport, Cyprus and Fotos Pittadjis with F. Pittadjis Law Firm is the right way to go. 

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