DoYourData Software, the famous Mac software developer, releases free Mac start menu — DoYourData Start Menu for Mac to help Mac users easily manage applications, tasks and other stuffs on Mac. DoYourData Start Menu for Mac is not only a start menu, but it is also a Mac manager to make everything become easy on Mac.

DoYourData Software has developed many award-winning applications for macOS/OS X platform, like Do Your Data Recovery, Super Eraser, AppUninser, etc. Now, DoYourData brings Windows start menu to Mac OS. With DoYourData Start Menu for Mac, even the most newbie can easily use Mac and manage disks, tasks, etc under macOS.

“We know that many users are comfortable using start menu, especially the new Mac users, so we create this application to give Mac user an easy option to access and use a Mac.” Bryan, the marketing manager, says “Start Menu for Mac is a good tool for both the beginner and the veteran Mac user.” DoYourData Start Menu for Mac is designed like a Windows start menu, but it has more features than a Windows start menu. For example, it can help Mac users to directly format an external hard drive.

DoYourData Start Menu for Mac has 6 main features: applications list, task manager, cleanup, remove/add start items, disk manager, quick visit. It can help Mac users more easily visit applications and other frequently used features or folders on Mac. Users can easily manage disks, tasks on Mac and startup items. DoYourData Start Menu for Mac can help Mac users conveniently clean up junks, free up memory, and format hard drive.

DoYourData Start Menu for Mac is really a good tool for new Mac users. And it also offers useful features for those who have using a Mac for years, like volume management, brightness management, disk management, etc. It will greatly improve the efficiency of using a Mac.

Download DoYourData Start Menu for Mac:

About DoYourData Software:

DoYourData Software is a professional software developer which is dedicated to providing complete and safe data recovery software and Mac/PC utilities for individuals, enterprises and business users worldwide. It supplies global users with excellent data recovery programs under Windows/OS X and wonderful Mac/PC utilities, as well as provides data recovery software for iPhone/iPad/iPod data recovery, storage device data recovery. To get more information, please visit

Bryan Deng
Company: DoYourData Software
Address: Shenzhen, Guandong, China
Email: [email protected]

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