Eugene, Oregon — February 8, 2017 — Certain types of free help might be just as effective as — or more effective than - marriage counseling, according to 36 year veteran therapist and marriage counselor Dr. Max Vogt.

Dr. Vogt has worked in a private practice for decades and says that in recent years he has seen a dramatic move away from traditional marriage counseling and couples counseling.  But he also warns that much of what passes as relationship advice can be worse than no help at all.

“The key to a long and happy marriage is true marriage education, not just therapy interventions or the usual tricks and tips you can find online, in the media or even in the therapy rooms of many therapists,” says Vogt.  “Most of these advice givers are either just basing their ideas on what seems to have worked in their own relationships, or cribbing from the published work of researchers.”

In some cases, however, Vogt claims that the best marriage educators have spent the time, done the hard work and truly tested their ideas in research and in the therapy room.  If you can get help from the very best of these, you’re going to be on your way to some very powerful and life-changing help.

Dr. Vogt has started a series of daily, positive, marriage-affirming emails which you can get for free at  You can also find links to free marriage classes at his site.

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