Free PDF Solutions has ensured that splitting PDF files is not an overwhelming task to users any more by launching its easy to use PDF Splitter.

Today users don’t have an option but to work with PDF files that have become common place. One comes across them at work on a daily basis. They are also often shared by friends or professionals who work from home. While the advantages of using the PDF format are well known, one has to take into account the issues that have to be dealt with. Users experience them especially when these files have to be split for sharing or other practical reasons.

There are many who find themselves struggling for options when they have to split PDF files. Free PDF Solutions, which is known for its highly functional solutions, seems to have realized that. That’s why it has unveiled its exciting new offering. The PDF Splitter takes the hassle out of splitting these files, which users can now do themselves without wasting their precious time.

Now they don’t have to run from one desk to another to seek help for the task. They don’t have to spend huge amounts on software that is often unreliable and can be tedious to work with. All they have to do is simply get the PDF Splitter extension from the company. There is no registration required to get started with using the extension. Thus users don’t have to worry about their personal information being safe and other issues that go with online registrations.

Free PDF Solutions also understands the need for user friendly digital solutions. This PDF Splitter is extremely simple to use and can be uninstalled whenever users want. Thus they have complete flexibility without obligations of any kind. One of the main advantages of the software is that it can split PDF files directly from the home page or the new tab page. Users also have the option of web search and links to popular search engines.

There are links to other conversion utilities from Free PDF Solutions, which make this software everything users need to work efficiently and conveniently.

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