Free PDF Solutions Unveils New Software

Free PDF Solutions has unveiled its PNG To PDF Converter that can handle the important task of these file conversions for users quickly and efficiently.

Portable Network Graphics files are considered to be the way ahead by professionals in many fields today. Created as an improved replacement for GIF files, they are being increasingly used for lossless image compression online. They have found their merits with many users who make the most out of them for personal file sharing as well. However, often these files have to be converted into PDF files for specific reasons.

That can be a task for users who don’t have professional expertise in the field. Of course they can opt for software available in the market, but it is often expensive. Unfortunately after spending substantial amounts on their purchases, users’ options are limited and the software doesn’t handle the conversion task well. That’s where the PNG To PDF Converter from Free PDF Solutions has its edge.

The software has been clearly designed in keeping with the requirements of today’s users. For starters, it can be downloaded without any registration needed. Thus users can work with it safely and without wasting any time. Actual conversion of files is as simple as a click of a button for users. Now they have the option of converting PNG files into PDF instantly from their home or new tab page.

Free PDF Solutions also understands the importance of maintaining the quality of files during these conversions. The extension launched by the company is equipped to the task and ensures that there is no loss in the quality of images. People can use the converter for their personal or professional reasons without worrying about the overall quality. Importantly they can now save themselves a lot of time spent on file conversions.

Some of the features of this convertor from Free PDF Solutions include the fact that it offers links to other online conversion utilities. Users can also search the web through the option offered by the converter. They have access to popular websites at their fingertips as well. The extension can be uninstalled when not needed, making it a convenient, flexible and cost effective solution for users.

About Free PDF Solutions

It is an online platform that offers smart and simple solutions for PDF conversions that suit the needs of all users.

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