Children’s cancers are not same as that adult cancers and a variety of unique needs to be considered and therefore needs the most pediatric oncologists. Cancer care today means 360 degree entire care, which calls for dedication, expertise and an indomitable spirit from the cancer specialist, treatment for childhood in India has improved in leaps and strides with a standard survival charge of above 80% for majority of them.

Learning your child has been diagnosed with cancer or a serious blood disorder can devastate parents and children alike. Dr. Vikas Dua understands that you want the best possible treatment for your child, and you want it immediately. He can give it to you, he provides you with experienced consultation services to help you obtain the very best mix of highly specialized care for your child. Dr. Vikas Dua Pediatric oncologist Fortis Delhi supports entire families who are dealing with the effects of childhood cancer and serious blood disease. You will often hear him refer to his young patients as “his kids.”  The comfort and safety of your child throughout treatment will be his top priority. Dr. Vikas Dua offers the latest treatment options for cancer.

Because children with cancers often increase different clinical troubles, he works carefully with doctors and surgeons in distinctive specialties to provide your child the highest stage of care. Dr. Vikas Dua Pediatric oncologist Fortis Delhi infusing a clean lifeline to rejuvenate the hope for a healthier tomorrow for his sufferer’s Dr. Vikas Dua is a surgeon of excellence that has created a record of successful with advanced care in India. He aims at creating a distinction in your life by imparting you with the best treatment that will help you lead a healthy life. Dr. Vikas Dua Pediatric oncologist Fortis Delhi offers the most competitive cost of bone marrow surgery in India; he has successfully executed bone marrow treatment in India. Dr. Vikas Dua brings a wealth of experience and wide ranging expertise that has helped him growing into the top bone marrow transplant surgeon in India.

Upon contacting India cancer surgery service service, you may immediately be added on your committed patient care supervisor who will answer all your questions and help you apprehend your options with our concierge-like useful resource thru each step of your journey, from scheduling a session to treatment. We will help manage all of the logistics of your care inclusive of scheduling, billing, and coverage. This way all you need to do is focus in your road to better health. We look ahead to being part of your cancer treatment success!

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