The poor condition can sometimes create life-threatening circumstances when a patient can’t afford a high cost of surgery.  Fundraising is an effective way to help people who are in extreme need of medical services. Such a condition has occurred in women’s life Emma of 42 years who was in immediate need of bone marrow transplant and funding has saved her life.

With the Success Rate of Bone Marrow Transplant in India, extensive chemotherapy and radiation cleansed Emma’s blood off the abnormal cells that were causing her to get sick and putting her life at risk. But only 7 months later after her visit to India, the funding has saved her life with the bone marrow transplant that was the only option that would save her.

Bone marrow is a highly specialized medical procedure performed to replace the damaged or destroyed disease, or chemotherapy or infection. It’s soft and spongy tissue inside the bone that produces red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, immune cells and plasma cells. Bone marrow transplant is a stem cells transplant to surgically remove and replace with the healthy bone marrow acquired from the donor. Some of these conditions include leukaemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anaemia and thalassemia.

Emma was a working woman in the private sector, was living with her only daughter after her separation from her husband. She used to earn little and could make it for her daughter’s education. After Emma’s symptoms started to distract her that she has blood cancer, but she was even more distraught over the fact that the BMT surgery was costing her huge amount but she wanted to live for her daughter. One day an office colleague suggested her about the fundraising campaign that was going to held in India which would help her to receive the financial aid through cancer crowdfunding.

Emma got in touch with India Organ Transplant site that assisted her in setting up an online fundraising campaign. After she visited India, she got her bone marrow transplant surgery that has saved her life.  She had enjoyed her visit India with her daughter and returned back to enjoy her new life.

India Organ transplant is a pioneer in connecting top hospitals and doctors in India and with their participation in arranging the funding, the campaign has helped thousands of people across the world. Consultants in India Organ Transplant help international patients with medical visa, accommodations, medical tourism, frequent follow-ups for patients, pick and drop facility from the airport.


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