Futuresign Launches Interactive Website

Futuresign Multimedia Displays Inc., the leading recreation, community centre and arena advertising media company in Ontario, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website at https://futuresign.ca

In addition to outlining Futuresign’s services for advertisers and the municipalities who manage arenas, community centres and recreation complexes where the company places its media, the new site offers a number of advanced technological features.

The site is built with responsive design, which optimizes the site’s display to whatever device a visitor uses to view it, including smartphones, tablets or desktops. Other features let municipal stakeholders quickly 'sign on’ to take advantage of advertising revenue opportunities, and lets local and national companies quickly view and choose specific locations to promote their businesses.

“The diverse municipalities, businesses and decision makers that we deal with have very demanding schedules, which makes the internet incredibly valuable for us,” says Rick Anderson, Vice President of Finance & Business Development at Futuresign. “The new site enhances our online presence and lets us more effectively and efficiently educate potential stakeholders on our media products/services and overall value proposition.”

Futuresign partnered with nvision, a leading digital marketing agency in Markham, Ontario, to design and build the new site. Specializing in website development using the WordPress platform, nvision was able to put many of the platform’s powerful features to work on the Futuresign site.

“After we spoke to Futuresign about their goals for the site, we knew we could help boost their online branding and messaging”, says George Arabian, President at nvision. 'We customized several WordPress tools to make it easier for visitors to get the information they need and for Futuresign to keep the site up-to-date with their latest products and services.”

Due to the relatively small marketplace they work in, mainly comprised of local municipalities and facilities management companies, Futuresign also needed to be sure the site could be found on an increasingly crowded and competitive internet. From the start, nvision planned and developed the site to rank highly in search-engine results. Ongoing search marketing tactics, also delivered by nvision, will ensure the site continues to rank well.

“Because we operate in such a niche industry of media and advertising, SEO (search engine optimization) is incredibly important to us,” says Anderson. “nvision’s SEO services have allowed us to quickly improve our ranking and reach more potential customers and partners.”

The new site highlights Futuresign’s many advertising locations, including 20 municipalities and 150 facilities across Ontario, and a selection of their business advertisers, including Nike, Ford and Kraft. Visitors can also see examples of Futuresign’s products and services, including graphic design, digital signage and corporate branding options that include everything from branded dressing-room doors to Zamboni wraps.

About nvision

An award-winning digital marketing agency, nvision works with businesses of all sizes and types, from multinational corporations to local start-ups, to help them take advantage of web marketing opportunities. Offering a full-range of services, from web design to search marketing and social media marketing, nvision prides itself on developing innovative, non-traditional approaches so that its customers enjoy exceptional results. Contact: George Arabian, President, 1-877-943-2985, georgea@nvision.co

About Futuresign Multimedia Displays Inc.

Since 1995, Futuresign has worked to build longstanding partnerships with municipalities across Ontario to deliver turnkey media applications that offer revenue opportunities while helping facilities promote their activities and event schedules. Partnerships with local businesses and national advertisers help companies improve their corporate branding through community involvement and state-of-the-art advertising.

Rick Anderson, Vice President of Finance & Business Development
Company: Futuresign Multimedia Displays Inc.
Address: Markham, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 1-905-470-7465
Email: info@futuresign.ca
Website: https://futuresign.ca