New York City, NY; August 10, 2013: GABY GONEN, LIFE ALERT are two phrases that go together in every way. As a manager of one of the largest LIFE ALERT operations in the Country, he has made a name for himself. GABY GONEN has had tremendous success thanks to his never-ending efforts to learn, grow, and improve himself, company, Independent contractors and employees. GABY GONEN and the NEW YORK company office is proof this man sees success as having his customers and his team succeed. 


As a man driven by the happiness of his workers and customers, his reputation precedes him. He has met with Michael Bloomberg as well as done research of important people throughout his career. Some of the important people he has researched include Bill Gates, Richard Branson, the Disney Corporation, McDonalds, and Michael Dell. 

GABY GONEN’s Manager Style 

As the manager of one of LIFE ALERT’s operations it is important for GABY GONEN to be a leader. Mr. Gonen continues to inspire the staff in all components of his business and encouraging them to work together as a team. The happier the team the better the service his customers are getting. His managerial approach is based on self-improvement and does research on what other companies have gotten right. He believes in leading by example. The approach he maintains with his staff is one of personal interest, and they really feel like he will work with them when it’s needed. 

GABY GONEN reviews are all consistent about the level of hard work he puts into the company. A recent quote from GABY GONEN stated that, “We achieve quality when staff, products, and services do the right things at the right time for the customers.” Several of his staff members have confirmed that he is a, “‘driver’, but one that teaches, encourages, and appreciates the staff’s hard work and dedication.” 

GABY GONEN has been quoted saying, “Strive to achieve what you really want and love before you get used to what you’ve already got” GABY GONEN HAPPY CONSUMERS are proof his life’s philosophy works. 

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