Brain Tumour is known to be the most dreadful disease and has become very common in today’s world. Given that Brain has a complex yet fragile structure, locating and destroying a tumour in it has always been a great challenge for the neuro-oncologists.

However, with the introduction of Gamma Knife Surgery, the treatment for a brain tumour has become facile when compared to the traditional method of surgery for a brain tumour.

Gamma Knife Surgery in India- The Panacea for Brain Tumour

Gamma Knife Surgery is fundamentally a radiation therapy that is usually associated with a computerized system. It has the capacity to treat brain tumours that are located even in the “difficult to reach” parts of the brain. In this therapy, the targeted tumour is given a high dosage of radiation by focussing intense beams of gamma rays on it. One of the distinct aspects of Gamma Knife Surgery is that it does not affect the nearby tissues and cells and limits its effect on the site of the tumour only.

The Indian Healthcare Industry is progressing at a vigorous rate due to the introduction of new researches, medical institutes, hospitals and technology in India. The country allures the great number of global patients annually as it is the only nation that offers eminent and advanced, diagnosis and treatment at a truly modest price. Following are the leading hospitals and surgeons in India that perform Gamma Knife Surgery:

Top 5 Hospitals for Gamma Knife Surgery in India:

India is a centre for some of the most renowned neurological centres of the world that have teams of the best neurologists and cardiologists of India. These hospitals are known to have world-class infrastructures and the most advanced tools and techniques to provide precise diagnosis and treatment. Following are some of the leading medical centres for Gamma Knife Surgery in India.

  1. Apollo Hospital
  2. Fortis Hospital
  3. Medanta Hospital
  4. Max Healthcare Hospital
  5. Artemis Hospital

Top 5 Surgeons for Gamma Knife Surgery in India

The oncologists and neurologists in India have gained training from the best medical institutes in the world. They have several years of experience in their field and are known to adopt the latest tools and techniques for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Following are some of the best surgeons for Gamma knife surgery in India:

  1. Dr. Abhaya Kumar
  2. Dr. Keki Turel
  3. Dr. Harshad Parekh 
  4. Dr.Sanjay Mongia
  5. Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam

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